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2D Animation Final

2009-06-20 00:29:08 by Stibby

My animation is finally done! And summer break is here! :]
Anyways, so I submitted my final for 2D principles class a few minutes ago and now it's being judged in the portal. Hope everyone, or most everyone can enjoy it.
I was given 1 month to create this animation, so if you notice some sketchy parts or unfinished sections, it's because I was on a time limit. I really didn't want to go back through and add more because I had so many other finals to finish as well.
I'd like to think my animation skills are improving since I first started with flash, otherwise I'm screwed as an artist. Not good. So yeah, go check out Icarus and let me know what you think! I'd deeply appreciate it!

Thanks everyone.


2D Animation Final


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