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First post!

2008-12-22 15:02:29 by Stibby

Hey everybody at Newgrounds!
Well, this is my first news post. I think it's about time if you ask me. I Haven't found time lately to actually sit down and write one with everything else going on. I've been busy with school finals, trying to get a new job, and working on some animations.
I'm currently working on a new short film for Newgrounds that I've spent probably about 3 months in time, on and off. It's pretty much just an idea I had in my mind for quite a while. I guess it has sort of a fantasy or dream-like feel to it, but I'm really enjoying making it.
I'm gonna try to finish it up soon, hopefully sometime in January. But until then, I'll try to keep updating these blogs more often.
Happy Holidays everyone!



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2008-12-22 16:12:08

I dont has idea of this post.


2009-01-30 00:18:29

Love your work.